The Man With No Idea meets NFTs CO₂ free in Bosco Spaggiari

The Man With No Idea meets the world of NFTs CO₂ free, Bosco Spaggiari, Yessin Shiegg and those who are ready to decoke their ideas

What happens when an “Open Source Platform” from San Francisco meets an “Open Source Bosco” in San Prospero?

“Between a house and a tree, I chose a tree.”
These are the words of Giancarlo Spaggiari, father of Roberto, both ‘fathers’ of twenty thousand trees to which Mother Nature gave life and their land gave a home.
The wood lies beside via Emilia, in San Prospero, seven kilometers from the center of Parma and bears their name, Bosco Spaggiari. A project unique in Italy.

SAN PROSPERO AGREEMENT – Prospero means prosperity

  1. A tree needs to be seen, before to be loved.
  2. Consider Earth as a living being and not a place.
  3. The memory of the Earth is vital. It reminds of lives lived and things passed that can return again.
  4. The best way to protect the past is to give a tree a place.
  5. A key to peace is to remain close to the Earth.
  6. Avoid to fall in indulgence in front of those that brutizise the Earth.
  7. Consider the level of harmony that the Italian landscape exudes from always.
  8. Often a tree speaks through thousands of hieroglyphics that everyone can decode.
  9. If you see a child fall near a tree, let things be.

To support Bosco Spaggiari or agree with the San Prospero Agreement with an NFT CO₂ free, contact Bosco Spaggiari or The Man With No Idea.

The Man With No Idea is published also in Il Fatto

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