The Man With No Idea meets John Lennon

The Man With No Idea meets John Lennon, Lucio Corsi and all those who have never stopped to imagine

The Man With No Idea meets John Lennon and invites Lucio Corsi together with everyone who has never stopped to imagine, in this space dedicated to those who today in Italy
and the world wonder if it is so difficult to imagine an idea.

“Fantasy is a tool, like a screwdriver, a wrench, a bass or piano.
The only difference between fantasy and other similar types of tools is that there is no place to buy them.

There is no single hardware store in the world that keeps them on their shelves.
Its transparent nature can at the same time be bad (it’s easy to forget its existence by not being able to see it) or a good thing (it is portable, light and always at our disposal).

If I were forced to give it a shape I would give it the appearance of a magnifying glass or binoculars, since the imagination can magnify
or make things smaller, make everything more beautiful or a little more ugly.”

The Man With No Idea meets John Lennon is published also in Il Fatto

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