The Man With No Idea meets Jeff Bezos

The Man With No Idea meets Jeff Bezos, Lidia Undiemi and those working on the future of ideas

Anyone traveling in the 21st century can hardly fail to have come across Jeff Bezos.
And so, The Man With No Idea with the neutrality of who knows never to judge, shares this meeting with an icon of progress and invites Lidia Undiemi
to interface in this ‘collective space’, for a liberal exchange to enrich all, with equal opportunities, contemporary hope, future solutions and new ideas.

“The Man With No Idea knows that this is a marked path, he is disoriented and concerned as he searches to understand if there
is a solution towards creating an aggregation of people and ideas capable of reversing this course.

The answer is obviously yes.

“ In the manifesto of the class struggle in the XXI century.”

I. Abandonment of the logic of post-ideology.
II. Re-proposition of conflict as a key element of democratic and constitutional order.
III. Overcome the false idea of the minimal pro-capitalist state and neoliberal welfare state.
IV. Political awareness of the existence of a legal market order.
V. Reorganization of the international community, in an anti-neoliberal key and respectful of the sovereignty and internal democracy of the states.
VI. Redefining the relationship between politics and social partners and questioning their interests.
VII. Intervention at the top, for a more equitable redistribution of wealth.
VIII. Internal reorganization of Trade Unions and their ideological repositioning.
IX. Relaunching and strengthening the mandatory nature of collective of the productivity criterion in the definition of wages.
X. Contrast the arbitrariness of the productivity criterion in defining wages.
XI. Recognition of the business group as an entrepreneurial entity with whom to conduct negotiations on working conditions.
XII. Tackling the use of bogus self-employment in the digital economy.
XIII. Internal reorganization of political parties consistent with a return to the recognition of conflict.
XIV. Questioning globalization and modern capitalism in their current form through targeted field investigations.
XV. Targeted surveys on the real impact of technology on conditions of work.
XVI. Recognition of the role of the judiciary in investigations on current capitalism.
XVII. Other proposals aimed at regulating globalization, including therefore the expansion of multinationals, within democratic and constitutional limits.

Lidia_Undiemi – Class struggle in the 21st century written by Lidia Undiemi published by Ponte Alle Grazie

The Man Who Has No Idea meets Jeff Bezos and Lidia Undiemi is published also on Il Fatto

La lotta di classe nel XXI secolo The fight of the working class in the 21st century Written by Lidia Undiemi published by Ponte Alle Grazie

The Man With No Idea meets Jeff Bezos and Lidia Undiemi is published also in Il Fatto

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