The Man With No Idea meets Efrem Raimondi

The Man With No Idea meets Efrem Raimondi and the men and women of Italy who wonder if the best
will be enough to make the country better

“Being amongst Italians I have loved a lot… you know the love that… I believe that we intercept what concern us…

I know how to ‘place you’ I see your face and I know ‘how’ to place you. The real difference being just how much of you is present.

Words carry significance and have a specific weight.
I think photographers have a duty… because maybe we don’t like using words, photographers express themselves with images.

I began taking photographs in 1980.
In November 1980 I went to work as a volunteer when I was twenty-one years old, in Irpinia, in an earthquake-stricken Irpinia.

It’s not that we should pay more attention to an important person and less attention to the less important person.
There are really great people in here in these pictures, right? …Apparently.

To think if you photograph Joe Strummer is a kind of advantage and if you photograph Pupo (Italain singer) instead is not,
or Sid Vicious or Oasis or whoever.
It’s not as if we photograph God we have achieved our goal.
What interests me deeply is understanding what I see in your image is of God, because otherwise… whether it’s God
or an altar boy it is exactly the same thing for me.
Absolutely nothing changes.

I’m interested in knowing what each one of us has to say and to see it.
It is only through what I see that a dialogue is born and I produce it, by really putting myself on the line.
So what really matters is the will of each one of us? What really moves us?”.

In memory of a great photographer who has portrayed Italians for forty years.
His images, thoughts and ideas can be found here:

The Man With No Idea meets Efrem Raimondi is published also in Il Fatto

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