The Man With No Idea meets Doctor Blondel in the metaverse

The Man With No Idea meets Doctor Blondel in the metaverse, in a time where reality is no longer a limit to what the future can bring

“I think to answer the question you’ve got to start by defining ideas and metaverse first. Right?
An idea, the production of something from the mind. Something that’s created in someone’s consciousness.
Something that wasn’t and then is.

And so you have this stream of consciousness that allows for creativity.
For the availability of new things. Those are ideas and this is what we are used to make.
Everything around us, it all starts with an idea. Being, seeing a friend inventing and creating something.

The metaverse is just a space. So in that sense, the metaverse is a destination for ideas.
Like this space we’re in right now. What’s behind me, what’s around me. Everything that everybody creates here. It’s all ideas.
If anything, it might be the purest form of consciousness and ideas because you’re decarnated. I don’t have flesh yet my flesh is here.
Like I have my hands, I have my body, I can move. I can feel almost what’s around me. At least my brain thinks it feels what’s around me.

So in science fiction, there has been a lot written about ideas in the metaverse.
If you take, for example, Snow Crash the one that coined the metaverse, you know, you have hackers.
The hacker culture are the people who first created the metaverse and then the street came.
The street is the death of ideas. It’s the death of the hacker culture. Consumerism starts to happen, with the high speed train.
The fact that no one needs a high speed motorcycle that you’ve coded yourself anymore, because you can take this public transport,
a sort of device that takes you across the street. The street, goes around a spherical world.
In the book, it’s pretty clear that the street is the death.
It’s when corporations sort of came and destroyed the culture what was there before”.

“Here at the moment, right now, we’re still in the very early days of whatever the metaverse can be.
You have so many people that believe they know what the metaverse is.
I don’t think that anyone knows what the metaverse is going to be. Or even should be. You know, I have my own opinion on what it should be.
This unrestricted creative space. Where the rules of the universe don’t exist anymore. Therefore, the rules of creativity are unbound.
The rules of plenty are free. We can do anything we want in it. Because we are not afraid anymore”.

“So yeah, I hope The Man With No Idea can take all this and share it, for a better vision of the metaverse other than the one that is shared
by so many people as this new frontier for advertising and control of consciousness. Instead of being an emancipation tool.
Where you can just free your own consciousness, transcend your own flesh into something different that’s just your own projection
of your own brain, your own mind.
Free from so many constraints and be able to just think, do and create in a much newer manner”.

The Man With No Idea is published also in Il Fatto

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