The Man With No Idea meets Doctor Blondel in the metaverse

The Man With No Idea meets Armin Linke who photographs doubt in an idea

In a way the whole exhibition is built on an idea of doubt, questioning what is the cultural role of photography. Whether so-called operational photographs not only have a cultural role as important artistic images but also how these images in our society no longer only document reality but in a certain sense actively create it.
Of course, the question is who controls or has the right to control these images?
If these images create a collective imagination of how we want to project the world… the future of the world or a future vision.
How does this play a part in our imagination? Who has the right to control these images?”

From Bologna to Paris, is a metaspace and metaphor of the vision of H. G. Welles and of his ideas.

Armin Linke blurs the borders between photography, cinematography, philosophy and science to bring a valuable aesthetic and informative contribution to decode past, present and future.

The Man With No idea would like to thank Il Direttore Peter Gomez, the Editorial Team of Il Fatto and every reader.

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