The Man With No Idea, Identity and Pietrangelo Buttafuoco

The Man With No Idea meets identity, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco and those who need to debate with their own ideas

Traveling between the moon and hyperuranium, The Man With No Idea meets Pietrangelo Buttafuoco and identity, inviting navigators of cyberspace
to go beyond the limits of oneself, to remember and debate without censorship or judgment, the absolute ideal of ideas.

“If only they could burn, if only there was a chance to cancel what was or never was. Even more reason to think so when it comes to ideas.

With the purest quintessence, the absolute spiritual finesse… alights, without disappearing… without burning. As something that remains,
it is that remaining part of Eternity which, perhaps can hide itself… certainly it can hide itself.
An absolute dazzling light an all-blinding light, able to cloak itself”.

“Then of course it will be said, the ideas that have been entrusted to men and that from time to time have become pages, of poetry, of representation,
of concepts, of rage. In the display of time, of years, in becoming.
In these dark times of ours, come to build a prison for these ideas. Eh, they can provoke expectations, unheard-of anxieties.
Who would have ever imagined that even a poet would be questioned, that Shakespeare could suffer forced oblivion, never to be accepted in this part
of the so-called free world of the West. Then torn apart, scourged, with all the worst insults up to as far as his ideas, with a simple gesture,
which may be that of wanting to erase them, are plunged into the horror of condemnations.

But sooner or later they come back. Sooner or later they reappear.
Sooner or later they find a way to be there, despite not being there.

Sono cose che passano written by Pietrangelo Buttafuoco published by La nave di Teseo

The Man With No Idea meets Identity and Pietrangelo Buttafuoco is also published in Il Fatto

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